Rouses goes for world’s largest avocado display

If you had a hankering for guacamole and happened to be in New Orleans on Dec. 4, you were in luck, as the Rouses Market on Tchoupitoulas Street was practically giving away avocados while it attempted to set a new record for the world’s largest avocado display.rouses-avocados

The Louisiana-based retailer used a whopping 112,000 avocados in constructing the monstrous display and were selling the Mexican avocados at three for 25 cents, according to its Facebook page.

If the comments on the post are any indication, the effort will be a big success and draw a plethora of shoppers to the store, with “Holy Guacamole” a common reaction.

But some questioned the potential waste at a time when food waste and food insecurity is a concern to many Americans. A comment by Rouses addresses those concerns: “We are making a donation to the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts culinary program, as well as selling avocados at a hot price of 3 avocados for 25 cents.”

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