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New Apple Acres packing facility marks next phase of growth strategy

Apple Acres LLC, located in the scenic glacial hills south of Syracuse in the central growing region of New York, is pleased to announce the opening of a new 60,000-square-foot state-of-the-art apple-packing facility. Construction began in early October and continued through the winter months ensuring completion of the steel frame building, spanning two football fields, in time for the 2019 crop. Construction-20190701 0020

The new pack house features a straight path configuration that minimizes excessive fruit handling and maintains hospitable zones to best preserve both fruit condition and taste. The new facility meets Global Food Safety Standards, ensuring that fruit packed here has been optimally handled with food safety paramount.

Inside the 650-foot-long building is new Compac, Van Doren and Burg sorting and packing equipment chosen for its efficient and gentle handling for great looking and tasting apples. Sustainble features include a solar-ready roof, efficient radiant tube heating and on-site containment of storm water runoff.

Apple Acres works with growers throughout New York state to bring to market some of the finest tasting quality apples, while also farming its own modern orchards. The recent purchase of additional farm land and the subsequent planting of new trees will add to its extensive offerings, including the more popular varieties such as Gala, Honeycrisp, Fuji, Rubyfrost, SnapDragon, Macintosh and Empire. Apple Acres currently supplies fresh fruit to leading grocers, produce wholesalers and apple processors for use in slicing, juicing, pie making and saucing.

The Apple Acres executive team consists of founder Walter Blackler, who manages the growing operation; his daughter, Catie Blackler, on the business side; and her husband, Derek Raymond, who manages packing operations and internal systems. Apple Acres recently hired David Williams as vice president of sales and marketing to manage sales, marketing, customer relations and business development.

Apple Acres is a family-owned-and-operated business that began in 1965 selling its own apples to local supermarket chains. In subsequent years the company steadily expanded its orchards, storage and packing capabilities. The company has enjoyed exceptional growth and currently supplies national and international customers. Apple Acres is an approved “NY Grown and Certified” company.

The new packing facility marks the next phase of the Apple Acre’s growth strategy. Packing will begin in the new facility in July. Reach out to Apple Acres at 315/677-5144 with inquiries.