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CMI Orchards goes green with paper totes

In the ever-evolving world of produce packaging, sometimes tried and true is still the most effective way to go. Paper tote bags are prime example of this, being a produce aisle staple and helping to drive incremental sales.Tote-bag

“We’ve offered some form of paper tote bag for as far back as I can recall because they generate more sales, more profit, and reduce shrink,” reported George Harter with CMI Orchards. The Wenatchee, WA-based company is currently offering variety-specific, high color tote bags to celebrate its popular line of branded apples, including KIKU, Kanzi, Ambrosia Gold, Jazz, Envy, Pacific Rose and Smitten. And the company has taken it one step further with a unique, World of Flavor tote bag, which celebrates the global origins of these hugely successful brands.

It’s no secret that the produce department is home to a cornucopia of packaging types, relying largely on plastic to market everything from bagged salads to potatoes. While there are good reasons for this, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact. Enter the trusty paper tote bag, merging the values and interests of both shoppers and retailers into an environmentally friendly, sales driving, grab-n-go option.

CMI Orchards offers its tote bag for free with any order and encourages the use of its stand-alone shippers, which are equipped with tote bag holders. “Retailers can easily double their sales with these paper tote bags because they can can be pre-loaded with apples and used in promotional displays to drive impulse purchases,” said Harter, “and on the other hand, customers can fill them on their own from the bulk display. They’re irresistible, either way.”