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Food Freshness Card continues award-winning streak

Quickly becoming known as a leading innovative product for the fresh produce industry, the Food Freshness Card has won two awards in the past month.

In June, the product took home the United Fresh Innovation Award for the Best New Food Safety Solution. The award was presented to Rich Hassler, director of Brockton, MA-based Nature’s Frequencies, creator of the Food Freshness Card, and his son, company President RJ Hassler, by John J. Toner, vice president of convention and industry collaboration for United Fresh, during the 2017 organization’s 2017 convention and expo in Chicago.IMG 8327At the United Fresh 2017 Convention & Expo John J. Toner (center), vice president of convention and industry collaboration for United Fresh, presented the Innovation Award for the Best New Food Safety Solution to RJ Hassler, president, and Rich Hassler, director of Nature's Frequencies, creator of the Food Freshness Card.

Also in June, the product was awarded the Food Logistics’ Top Green Provider Award. These awards follow its receipt of top honors in the Grand Prix Award at INPEX 2016, one of the larger U.S. invention shows. It also won a Bronze Medal at IENA Invention Trade Fair in Nurnberg, Germany, for Best New Product and Invention, and it was nominated for a 2017 Edison Award.

With an appearance similar to a sheet of gold-leaf paper, the Food Freshness Card is laboratory and commercially tested to keep food fresher longer. This new and easy-to-use innovative technology addresses the global problem of food waste and spoilage.

“The Food Freshness Card combines quantum physics, Tesla technology and a myriad of other technologies in a proprietary process,” explained Rick Hassler. “It is laboratory-, university- and commercially tested to keep food fresher longer without the use of ethylene gas absorption or any other use-controlled atmosphere method. The card works inside or outside of a refrigerated atmosphere and one card covers about a five-foot radius.

“Our technology is truly innovative and light years ahead,” he continued. “It is being highly accepted by industry professionals as a new and different way to extend shelf life and keep food safer. The strong and growing interest shows that the industry is concerned about food safety as well as extended product shelf life, and professionals are looking for new ideas.”

Hassler added that currently the strongest interest is from supermarkets for use in their produce departments. Equal interest is coming from fresh produce importers and exporters for use in shipping containers. The Food Freshness Cards is particularly beneficial for fragile items like berries, which constantly face a challengingly short shelf life.

Nature’s Frequencies is a leading developer of applications utilizing scalar wave technology that assist in better health and overall wellness. The Food Freshness Card was born from this technology, and is now being used in the fresh produce, floral and other food industries.

Hassler said it is as much as doubling, and sometimes more, the shelf life of many perishable products. The product is also being distributed in the European Union, and the company looks forward to even further international expansions.

“The Food Freshness Card is beneficial throughout the entire food chain, beginning with the farm,” stressed Hassler. “Without the use of gasses, we can extend the life naturally and enable shippers to go longer distances and reduced spoilage, not to mention a reduction of financial losses when shipments are delayed.”

Nature’s Frequencies will feature the Food Freshness Card at the 2017 PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans Oct. 19-20, as well as at the 2017 New York Produce Show & Conference Dec. 11-14 in New York City.