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Freska doubles size of Nogales cooler

Freska Produce International, a significant importer of mangos and avocados is nearing completion of the doubling of its Sun Devil Cooling facility in Nogales, AZ. The expansion effort is adding 50 truck equivalents in cooling space.

“Our increase in volume over the past few years has forced us to expand to be able to take on our growth now and into the future,” said Jesus (Chuy) Loza, founder and partner of Freska. “Having this new expansion allows us to keep our operations under one roof which will make our food safety and product freshness first class.”

DSCF5344 He further noted that “this is a very important step for our overall control of our product and getting it to our customers as fresh and safe as possible. Freska broke ground on this expansion in July 2016 and is in the process of completing the job. Construction is slated to finish up in time for the start of the Mexican mango season in February. With its recent growth, the firm has been outsourcing to other local coolers.

With many years combined industry experience, Freska Produce International, LLC was established in August 2004 with the sole purpose of sourcing the freshest mangos from around the world. Currently, the company claims “we are the mango leaders in the markets of the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.”

In the last few years it has also added an avocado program to its business model.