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Kroger and The Produce Mom publish holiday-themed eBook


In partnership with Kroger, The Produce Mom has released a new eBook titled, A Fruit and Veggie Tray for [Almost] Every Holiday. The eBook includes 26 holiday-themed fruit and vegetable trays, and it is available as a free download on The Produce Mom website.

The recipes and step-by-step directions included in the eBook demonstrate how consumers can easily assemble their own party trays using items found in the Kroger produce department. It provides tray ideas for 15 holidays, produce availability and nutrition facts, produce selection tips, and party tray assembly tips. Readers will also find information about Kroger’s history and their impact in the retail landscape.

“We are thrilled to help bring this eBook to consumers," Eric Halvorson, public affairs for Kroger central division, said in a press release. "At Kroger, we take pride in providing a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. We also take great pride in being a part of our shoppers’ holidays. A Fruit and Veggie Tray for [Almost] Every Holiday is a fun way we are helping shoppers celebrate with fresh produce and create ever-lasting memories with loved ones.”

“Some of the most popular posts on The Produce Mom website are fruit and veggie party trays," Lori Taylor, president of The Produce Mom, said in the release. "Families love to celebrate important events with festive food. This eBook provides readers with new and creative ways to integrate more produce into their celebrations — something many families struggle to do during holidays. This resource not only encourages more produce consumption during the holidays, it makes produce the highlight of holiday parties.”

A Fruit and Veggie Tray for [Almost] Every Holiday is a part of The Produce Mom’s holiday content for Kroger. Holiday content also includes holiday videos which can be viewed on The Produce Mom’s social media channels. Kroger Central Division became a Produce Mom Partner in July 2016 and the partnership also includes in-store signage, digital marketing campaigns, internal communications, community relations, and more.