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Mexican production continues to enjoy good weather

TAPACHULA, CHIAPAS — In Mexico, a long run of good growing weather extended at least toward mid-December.

Tropical fruit growers in Chiapas were enjoying abundant production as unseasonably hot weather boosted production of bananas, papayas and other crops.

The large Mexican independent banana company, Le Best Banana Supply Co. Inc., was packing an unusually high volume as was Le Best’s Tapachula papaya grower friend and neighbor, Agromod S.A. de C.V.CarmelitaOne of several Tapachula, Chiapas, banana packinghouses belonging to Le Best Banana Supply Co. Inc. was running a high volume on Dec. 2.

Tapachula mango grower Rafael Nava of the family business Nava Co. said his mango harvest wouldn’t begin seasonal production until late January.  

Up Mexico’s west coast, unusual Culiacan heat reached into the triple digits in early December. For Del Campo y Asociados S.A. de C.V., protected tomato production was strong, with harvest expected to begin in mid-December.  

On Dec. 5, Juan Jose Ley of Del Campo walked through a shadehouse on the firm’s headquarters property. Large green Beefsteak tomatoes would be coming off the vine in the next week or two. A nearby Del Campo packinghouse was running a low volume of crown-picked fruit that would be sold on the domestic market.