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Opal's return provides plenty of promotional opportunities

Opal apples are currently at retailers nationwide. Available in both conventional and organic varieties, Opals are known for their distinctive crunch, sweet yet tangy flavor and natural resistance to oxidation — making them the perfect apple for snacking and including in holiday entertaining and recipes.Goldensun-Opal-5-27-1545548

“Fans continued to ask for Opals after the season had ended and counted down the days until they arrived in stores this Fall,” Chuck Zeutenhorst, general manager of FirstFruits Marketing of Washington, said in a press release. “We’re very excited to give Opal fans new and old the chance to enjoy this uniquely delicious apple throughout the holiday season and well into the new year.”

The Opal program is fully supported at retail with high-graphic packaging, point-of-sale materials, merchandisers and plenty of opportunity for in-store support. Opal apples are also supported through a comprehensive digital consumer marketing campaign, including coupons, geo-targeted advertising, engaging social media content and a family-focused public relations campaign.

Utilizing data, including purchasing behaviors obtained through Nielsen, Opal consumer marketing targets consumers based on demographics and location to deliver advertising through multiple mediums, including internet searches, webpage content, social media and internet radio.

“The Opal apple has a reputation among consumers of being one of the best they’ve ever tasted,” Zeutenhorst said in the release. “We’re tapping into that reputation and reaching consumers directly where they search for recipes, talk with friends and family about food and prepare their grocery lists.”

Additionally, Opal will again fund youth-based initiatives through the Youth Make a Difference Initiative. Fourteen initiatives were supported in 2015, with each dedicated to serving their communities across the country in which youth ages 6-25 take leadership roles in the project. Each initiative addresses food security and politics, nutrition, agriculture or education.