AMC North America announces new logo, restructured management team

AMC North America, part of the AMC Group, has a brand new logo and a restructured management team that shows the company is an integral part of a larger, global team of innovators and leaders in the fresh produce industry.amc

"Innovation is at the heart of everything we do," Alvaro Muñoz, AMC Group chief executive officer, said in a press release. "This is the driver in creating a fully vertically integrated business, enabling us to differentiate for our retail partners and their customers."

As part AMC Group, AMC North America is a leading provider of citrus, grapes and other fruits to the North American market. It has a unique point of difference in that its sister companies SNFL, Grape Genesis, Citrus Genesis and Sheehan are the breeding engines behind the company’s exciting list of proprietary varietals on citrus and grapes.

“We are a completely integrated supplier from breeding to farming, packing to retail partnerships and most importantly, consumer engagement, so that we can ensure we are delivering the right products to our consumers,” Gavin Pearce, managing director of AMC North America and South America, said in the release.

Along with the change in its brand, AMC North America also recently underwent a management restructure that will enable the three offices located in Fresno, CA, Glassboro NJ, and Toronto to reach customers and growers alike as one organization. Pearce has been named managing director for both North America and South America teams.  He has been with the AMC Group for over 26 years and is excited to lend his knowledge and experience to help grow the AMC Group’s presence in North America.

Under Pearce’s leadership, the group has appointed Greg Ogiba as chief operating officer, Emmy Hume as vice president of primary production and Casey Ison as director of sales. These three pivotal roles are aligned to provide the AMC North America team with the tools to drive the business forward.  “At AMC Group, innovation is not just something we talk about, it is in everything we do," Ogiba said in the release. "We are constantly evolving as a group, with our products and especially on our breeding objectives to remain a top provider of citrus, grapes and other fruits to the North American market. Our new brand, website and team structure is just a reflection of our inherent progressive nature.”

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