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Kroger launches natural and organic eCommerce website

To meet rising demand for convenience and healthy living, The Kroger Co. and its Colorado-based King Soopers division launched the new natural and organic eCommerce website

Open to King Soopers customers who live in and around the Denver metro area, and offering more than 36,000 natural and organic products, provides the convenience of online shopping for a variety of healthy living products — while virtually extending the product selection and creating an endless aisle experience for King Soopers customers. Every product is free from more than 101 artificial ingredients and preservatives that many customers prefer be left out of products.

"Increasingly, our customers are looking for more simple, convenient and relevant ways to shop, whether it's in-store, on our website or on their mobile devices," Russ Dispense, King Soopers president, said in a press release. "It has never been easier for King Soopers customers to shop online for thousands of natural and organic products."

Kroger called the eCommerce website the next step in its effort to make seamless, omni-channel shopping a reality for its customers.

"King Soopers has a long heritage of leading in the natural and organics space, so we are excited to launch our pilot in Denver," Kevin Dougherty, Kroger's group vice president of digital and Vitacost, said in the release. " extends the in-store shopping experience to create a true 'endless aisle' experience with ship-to-home service for thousands more healthy foods, vitamins, minerals and supplements than are available in our stores today."

The new website utilizes the technology platform and ship-to-home fulfillment network of, one of the larger pure eCommerce companies in the nutrition and healthy living market. Kroger completed its merger with in August 2014.

The company said it will test and learn in the Denver market before replicating the experience in other markets.