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Koehler & Dramm’s Rose Month for Kids helps needy children worldwide

MINNEAPOLIS — Although June is National Rose Month, July is always Rose Month for Kids at Koehler & Dramm Wholesale Florist, here, and the company is committed to donating to charity one rose sale at a time.

In 2007, several people at Koehler & Dramm began thinking about ways the company could give back to the community. At the same time, a rose grower in Ecuador became aware of the severe lack of medical supplies at a local children’s hospital, and that led to a partnership with Koehler & Dramm to take action.

“We figured there’s a big need for children, and if we could help the children and impact their lives, it would be rewarding,” said Lee Spence, president of Koehler & Dramm. So the company designed a program that would benefit children not only in South America but also locally, and in other places around the world.

Rose Month for Kids was launched, where for each rose sold during the month of July at Koehler & Dramm, the company makes a donation to a children’s charity. Spence told The Produce News that it has taken the idea one step further by offering retailers the opportunity to partner with the wholesaler and thereby increase rose sales while multiplying charitable giving.

Any retail florist, including supermarket floral departments, can register its rose promotion program details and preferred charity with Koehler & Dramm and receive free marketing tools to help make a difference in its own community. Koehler & Dramm then matches a portion of the money raised by the retailer to support the children’s charity in that florist’s area.

Spence explained that this program encourages its customers to buy from its local supplier while also creating a closer bond between the florist and its community.

Koehler & Dramm has raised over $40,000 since 2007, which has funded medical supplies for Baca Ortiz Children’s Hospital in Quito, Ecuador, helped build houses under the direction of El Minuto de Dios in Bogota, Colombia, and provided food for children around the world through Feed My Starving Children, headquartered in Coon Rapids, MN.

The recipients of this year’s funds have not yet been decided.

“Participating in this program is rewarding,” said Spence. “It doesn’t matter if we’re leading the cause or we’re just participating, it’s still having the same impact.”

Spence’s vision is to someday expand Rose Month for Kids into a nationwide floral industry event.

“We try to do what we can to make a positive difference in the lives of those who we come in contact with,” Spence said. “The Rose Month for Kids program is one way we can go beyond our industry to help, while still being a positive influence in the floral community.”

Koehler & Dramm was founded in 1955 as a partnership between Leonard Koehler, general manager of a Chicago floral wholesaler, and Eugene Dramm, president of Dramm Roses, a rose grower in Elmhurst, IL.

Originally based in Chicago, the company branched out to Minneapolis in 1976 and remained in the Dramm family until 1998. The company is now owned by a group of employees and it has grown to over 14,000 square feet of cooler capacity and more than 65,000 total square footage.

Koehler & Dramm supplies upper Midwest retail florists with fresh cut flowers, arrangements, bouquets, plants and hardgoods, and covers a five-state delivery area (Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and the Dakotas).  

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