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Onions 52 sees big things ahead from Sunions

Onions 52 is one of the nation’s leading grower-shippers of quality yellow, red, white, sweet and organic onions thanks to growing/packaging partners in six states as well as

Falon Brawley, director of marketing and business development for the Syracuse, UT-based company, noted Onions 52 offers the same quality and care that they started with more than 75 years ago. The family-run business strives to supply its customers with a reliable supply of quality onions 52 weeks a year.

“We pride ourselves on quality, consistency and ease, by growing and shipping our incredible onions all year long,” Brawley said. “We like to focus on one thing and do it the very best. This means we never say ‘no’ to our customers. Instead, we find solutions.”

Onions 52’s philosophy is that it will always provide high-quality, superior service, ease and consistency of delivery.

In 2020, the company is putting a great focus on Sunions, sweet, tearless onions that are a long-day variety grown in the U.S. that decreases in pungency during storage while also getting sweeter.

“Sunions are a game-changer to the onion category,” Brawley said. “They are truly tearless, and have an incredible flavor profile. They are sweet as can be. We have seen a lot of consumer success with Sunions. One of the most googled questions pertaining to cooking is ‘How to chop an onion without crying?’ Sunions elevate the onion category, and are popular among consumers and chefs because of their sweet flavor, versatility, and ease of preparation. Everyone needs to taste this onion.”

Developed by Nunhems Vegetable Seeds using traditional cross-breeding methods, Sunions tearless onions are a long-day sweet onion variety grown in Washington, Utah and Nevada with a distinct crunch and sweet flavor.

“Sunions are harvested in August and remain in storage for several months,” Brawley said. “Sunions are a natural hybrid onion that unlike many other onion varieties, matures into a milder, sweeter flavor over time. They also become more tearless and less pungent the longer it is in storage.”

Both organic and conventional Sunions are available now through Spring 2020.

“Sunions follow a tightly-controlled tearless and sweet testing protocol, and we will ship Sunions only after they are ‘certified ready’ after multiple panel tests,” Brawley said. “We have a lot of marketing support behind Sunions, including a high-graphic display bin, new packaging, and PLU stickers that are twice the size of a standard sticker that prevents mis-rings at the register.”