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Dade Service offers customizable ripening rooms for avocados

Dade Service Corp., headquartered in DeLand, FL, is a fourth-generation family business specializing in design-build tarp-free ripening technologies, coolers, freezers and processing and fresh-cut coolers for the produce industry. 

With more than 60 years of experience, the company has pioneered its way through the cold storage and ripening industry, offering cutting-edge solutions for growers, grocers, produce suppliers and fruit ripeners.

The company primarily focuses on design-build solutions, which allow it to gain an in-depth knowledge of each produce customer’s commodities. Having this specific knowledge enables company leadership to design the most efficient and economical storage option for each customer.

Ripening-Room-2165Dade Service’s avocado ripening rooms feature increased refrigeration and heat to provide quick cool down and heat up cycles within the rooms to provide more uniform ripening and additional throughput.“We work with our clients to determine their needs and customize our rooms to meet them,” said Ashley Perryman, vice president of the company. “Our ripening rooms feature a pressurized design with no moving parts which creates the perfect atmosphere for ripening produce.”

One of the categories it has vast experience in is avocados.

“Dade Service prides itself in providing customized avocado ripening rooms to meet our clients’ needs,” Perryman said. “We have been constructing avocado ripening rooms for over a decade. Year over year, we see increased demand for rooms with the ability to ripen avocados as the consumption rate for avocados continues to grow.”

The company’s avocado ripening rooms feature increased refrigeration and heat to provide quick cool down and heat up cycles within the rooms. This allows for more uniform ripening with additional throughput through the rooms.

“With thousands of installations, we continue to improve our ripening rooms,” Perryman said. “Our controls feature an updated, streamlined platform. We are launching version four of our APP, which allows remote access, monitoring and control for our clients.”

Dade Service also imports fan/motor assemblies custom produced for the company with EC motors and built-in VFDs to provide the most energy-efficient ripening rooms available.

“Business has been strong,” she said. “We continue to see an increase in demand for multi-fruit ripening rooms, which allow clients to ripen avocados, bananas and other climacteric produce in their rooms. We are also providing an increased number of ripening rooms provided for ripening avocados to be processed into guacamole.”

Looking ahead to 2020, Dade Service is most excited about getting the most out of its recent facility expansion. Earlier this year, the company relocated to a larger facility with over 100,000 square feet for staging and production space.

“This move allows us to support continued growth,” Perryman said.