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Well-Pict puts flavor first

In the midst of the 50-year anniversary of the founding of its company, Watsonville, CA-based Well-Pict Berries continues doing what has made it such a success with strawberries and the berry category — putting flavor first.

Jim Grabowski, vice president of marketing for Well-Pict Berries, noted the company’s berries are grown to be large, with a beautiful shine and aroma that is irresistible, but while the great looks sell the berries, the taste keeps the consumer coming back for more.

“Well-Pict Berries supplies premium, proprietary strawberries and raspberries year-round,” he said. “We work with a network of independent growers in Florida and Baja to fill any gaps in the fall and winter.”

The growth of the berry category throughout Well-Pict’s 50 years has been massive, and the company consistently sees strawberries as being one of the most popular fruits, especially among children.

razzrowsdawn Well-Pict Berries offers both organic and conventional lines of berries.“We attribute our success to investing in proprietary varieties that are uniquely Well-Pict, and maintaining important, long-lasting industry relationships that help us to provide the best berries we can,” Grabowski said.

In addition to this milestone anniversary, Well-Pict is also celebrating a banner summer for crops.

“We saw a rough bout of weather late spring this year, like anyone, but we’re encouraged by our summer supplies,” Grabowski said. “Being in the produce industry means we are always at the mercy of Mother Nature, It can be a challenge, but we are encouraged with how our independent growers have bounced back for the summer months.”

Well-Pict Berries is one of just a handful of berry suppliers in the entire state of California that offers both organic and conventional lines of berries, with both being non-GMO, and comprised of 100 percent Well-Pict-patented varieties.

“We’ve always been committed to putting in the time, research and financial investment to develop our new varieties,” Grabowski said. “It typically takes eight to 10 years — and millions of dollars — to bring one of these superior varieties to a produce aisle. It’s a method of development and way of doing business that we’re proud to put our name on.”

At Well-Pict, berries are packaged in clamshell packaging, made from 50 percent recycled water bottles, designed to keep the berries protected and fresh.

Grabowski noted you can tell a Well-Pict berry from other brands simply by taste alone, and touts that they are juicier, sweeter and even fresher in color than any other berry on the market.

To help retailers market and merchandise berries better, Well-Pict offers a virtual Berry Academy, which is a series of videos designed to inform, educate and excite retailers and their store teams.

The Academy is a crash course on the science and history behind the Well-Pict premium berry brand, offering expert tips on grading and handling, plus advice to get more of the profit-making berries on store shelves faster.

The company also has an Inspection Chart Clipboard, which helps to educate store inspectors on the specifics regarding the unique qualities of Well-Pict Berries, ultimately minimizing waste and increasing profits across the board.