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DASERCO ripening rooms meet every avocado ripening need

Handling avocados can be a tricky business, but an investment in an avocado ripening room from Dade Service Corp. could help retailers and wholesalers reduce shrink and maximize sales and profits.

A DASERCO brand patented pressurized ripening system delivers high air flows and precise pulp temperature control to ensure uniformity of ripened product with guaranteed results. Each DASERCO ripening room is tailored to meet each client’s customized ripening needs, and the company provides the fastest cool down and heat up rates on the market, to increase retailers’ and wholesalers’ throughput and their bottom lines.

Interior-Ripening-RoomsDASERCO ripening rooms are custom designed and built to meet every client’s operational needs.Other DASERCO advantages include a tarp-free system with no moving parts, to allow faster and easier loading and unloading and reduced maintenance, along with complimentary lifetime support. They are also highly energy efficient with the lowest operational cost.

“Dade Service Corporation’s DASERCO Eco Ripening Rooms are custom designed for each client’s specific needs and Ripening Protocol,” said Ashley Perryman, vice president at DeLand, FL-based Dade Service Corporation. “DASERCO rooms feature VFD’s which control airflow based on actual cooling demands, delivering the most energy efficient rooms available. We monitor and control temperatures, humidity, ethylene, CO2, O2, and air flow to create the optimum ripening environment.

“Our rooms are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. All components in the room are IP rated for server conditions and are easily washed down,” she added.

A DASERCO avocado ripening room is designed and built to meet a client’s operations needs and ripening volume. “We have constructed rooms from one pallet to over 100 pallets,” Perryman said. “We have mobile and easy to relocate ripening room solutions as well.”

And working with Dade Service comes with a higher degree of service than ordering a room out of a catalog.

“DASERCO will visit a client’s location to determine their specific needs and provide a turnkey solution including design, engineering, permitting, installation, commissioning, training and follow-up service,” Perryman said.

While avocados will ripen on their own, without a ripening room, there is a lot of variability and risks in that process, Perryman noted.

“Utilizing the EcoRipe room allows for precise control of the fruit ripening and pulp pressure which allows our clients complete control over the logistic of delivering the required amount and ripeness of product when needed. EcoRipe rooms include rapid cool capabilities which extends the shelf life of the product after ripening,” Perryman said.

Another advantage of a DESERCO avocado ripening room is that it can be used to condition a wide variety of produce. “We design our EcoRipe rooms for the hardest to ripen product,” Perryman said. “Therefore the rooms can handle any variety of avocado. They also have the ability to ripen other products, such as bananas, tomatoes, mangos, papayas and other climacteric fruit. They can also be used to ‘rapid cool’ other produce items.”

DASERCO ripening rooms not only improve the shelf life and salability of avocados and other produce, but are easily affordable.

“For select clients we offer lease options,” Perryman said. “We also have fast track room installation available as well as moveable rooms that can easily be relocated between facilities. This is a great choice for produce companies that will be relocating to new facilities,” she said.