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Pipsie Nature Detective finds fame for fumigation marketing pro

WILMINGTON, DE — Rick DeDonato loves kids. He loves writing stories. He knows a lot about bugs because he works for a large company that exterminates bugs.DeDonato-Pipsie-Alfred

All those factors brought DeDonato to write a book series, which is collectively called Pipsie Nature Detective.

Pipsie investigates insects through looking for clues and, of course, draws together observations and in the process, learning about the tiny beings.

Pipsie books have been translated into three languages and are sold around the world. All three books are available on Amazon.

There, two have a five-star reader rating. The third gets 4.5 stars.

As a single parent, DeDonato raised his two children, Alexis and Matthew. Alexis had an imaginary friend who she named Pipsie. Matthew had a pet turtle, which he named Alfred E. Turtle.

In DeDonato’s book series, Pipsie has a sidekick, Alfred Z. Turtle.

Working in Wilmington, DeDonato is the market manager for the specialty pest services division of Ecolab. Ecolab acquired Royal Fumigation, which has long been established as the key fumigator in the Port of Wilmington, DE.

DeDonato would write stories for his children when they were small.

This eventually led to his publishing books.

Working in the fumigation business, he brings that message that insects can be beneficial, harmful or sometimes both.

Raised in Totowa, NJ, DeDonato received a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Penn State University in 1977. He will be the graduation speaker at his alma mater this winter.

His mother, Audrey was an artist and his father Emil owned an advertising agency in Manhattan.

DeDonato started his career as a junior art director for a New York ad agency. From there, came an illustrious career in advertising and public relations. Despite Pipsie’s acclaim, DeDonato is keeping his day job. reports that now DeDonato’s daughter “Alexis is a marketing professional and actress living in California. She has performed on Broadway, on national tours, and on TV shows and commercials. His son Matt is currently serving his country in the U.S. Army National Guard, is a professional barber, and also lead singer and songwriter for a very cool and popular band that performs from Brooklyn to Baltimore. Matt also builds a Halloween HAUNT that is enjoyed by hundreds of kids in his neighborhood on Halloween.”

Rick and his forever girlfriend Nancy enjoy a ridiculously busy life in Wilmington, DE, with their dog Nacho, and their turtle, Alfred E. Turtle