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WP Produce seeing the fruits of its labor

As a family-owned-and-operated company for the past 30 years, WP Produce is experienced in handling premium tropical fruits and roots packed in its Desbry brand. From Florida, it primarily sources Desbry Boniatos year-round and Desbry Mamey from April through September.

“Success starts with knowledge and trying to stay ahead of industry trends,” said Desiree Pardo Morales. “Produce is highly perishable and many times being successful at it is not about how you react but about how fast you are able to react.”

The spring season has kicked off nicely for WP Produce, and the start of 2017 has also been kind. Business surpassed its own previous year’s sales with its Desbry branded green-skin avocado thanks to production that started a bit earlier in the season and quality that surpassed that of other years.

WP Produce has just started up its Haitian Mango season for the year, which typically runs from mid-March through July, and expectations are that production will double compared to last year.

“Haitian mango is first harvested from the southern part of Haiti and as the season progresses the harvest moves up the country toward the northern region,” Morales said. “The Francine mango is the largest volume fruit exported from Haiti. I personally believe it is the juiciest and richest flavored mango. In addition to the delicious taste it offers, Haitian mangos have a significant impact on the local economy in Haiti, supporting over 50,000 families with jobs during its season.”

In the year ahead, Christopher Gonzalez, WP Produce’s vice president of sales, will be sourcing a full line of Oriental products from Honduras.

“The volume items in this category will be long squash, Chinese and Indian eggplant, Chinese and Indian bittermelon, green papaya, Tai peppers and chive flower,” Morales said. “Production is expected to last until December.”