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Innovation driving W.P. Produce

Reflecting back on 2016, the three-decade, family-owned-and-operated W.P. Produce considers it a winning year.

“It began with the removal of the import ban on certain products from Dominican Republic due to the Med-Fly,” said Desirée P. Morales, vice president of the Miami-based company. “This was extremely important to us since our most recognized Desbry brand produce is the Green-skin Avocado from Dominican Republic. We also added two new members to our team, Christopher Paul Gonzalez and Rudy Leon.” 

On the product side, the company added new items such as oriental vegetables, watermelon and bell peppers — all adding to its growth.

image1-3Chris Gonzalez, Willy Pardo and Desiree Morales of WP Produce.The biggest buzz around the company today concerns what Gonzalez will be implementing next.

“Chris is Willy Pardo’s (president of W.P.), nephew. He has been in the produce industry for over 15 years and has recently been promoted to VP of sales,” Morales said. “He has focused his sales efforts on expanding our markets and distribution channels and has already increased our sales by 20 percent. He brings in many innovative ideas and his passion and drive spread high energy across the company.”

In 2017, the company is excited about its upcoming Haitian Mango season that will be starting mid-March, foreseeing more volume and even better quality than the past few years.

“The way we stay successful is we’re always trying to plan ahead and see what our customers will want and/or need in the future so that we can be ready,” Morales said. “We pride ourselves on our long-term relationship with our international partners by having constant communication on what’s coming up next and how we will get there.” 

At SEPC, the company will have its sales team working Booth No. 1401, displaying some of its Desbry produce such as Green skin Avocados, Malanga, Chayote, Yuca, Plantains  Boniato and Peppers. 

“This event is important to us because most of our retail customers attend and it gives us the opportunity to meet new customers and continue spreading Desbry tropical produce throughout the U.S.,” Morales said. “We invite people to come by and have a small taste of W.P. Produce and our Desbry Avocado Salad.”