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Del Campo joins list of firms to utilize HarvestMark for traceability

Del Campo Supreme has joined a growing number of firms in the industry to utilize "HarvestMark" from YottaMark Inc. to reinforce food safety and deliver on-demand traceability to buyers and consumers.

According to a YottaMark press release, "Designed for field- or line-packed produce, HarvestMark is a complete traceability solution. It accommodates a wide range of workflows with an open-platform for seamless integration with existing systems. It is compliant with the GS1 and Produce Marketing Association traceability guidelines, and it supports a wide range of packaging formats, making it quick to deploy with no interruption to business operations."

The release continued, "Del Campo, a leading grower-shipper of organic, hydroponic hothouse and open-field-grown tomatoes and peppers, is the first Mexican grower-shipper to use the trademarked 'HarvestMark,' and will utilize it on its bags, clamshells and cases of tomatoes and peppers. Implementation is underway, and traceable produce will be provided to both retail and foodservice buyers this season."

The release said that "the 'HarvestMark' solution gives cases, trays and pallets a unique identity that links to harvest, packing and supply-chain information. The "HarvestMark" portal provides instant traceback, and easy access to distribution, quality and food-safety information. Using 'HarvestMark' codes, consumers will be able to access traceability information and the 'Del Campo' brand story at home via the web. In addition, Del Campo will use the 'HarvestMark' solution to offer enhanced traceability and supply chain management services to its retail buyers -- further differentiating [its] products and customer service."

Other well-known firms utilizing the technology include Driscoll Strawberry Associates, Ace Tomato Co. Inc., Leger & Son Inc., Delta Prepack Inc. and the Highland Corp., Elliott Grant, YottaMark's chief marketing officer and founder, told The Produce News.

"It is terrifically important for us to add the first non-U.S. grower-shipper to use the product," Mr. Grant said. "Mexico has a very important story to tell. Having been incorrectly implicated in the tomato crisis, Mexican growers have a greater burden to now tell their story about their growing practices and rebuild trust with the American consumer."

Mr. Grant said that YottaMark has been "working with [Del Campo] for several months. We're very excited to have them, and they have absolutely first-class growing and harvesting practices. It is a very forward-thinking company, and they saw this as an opportunity to tell their story."

He noted that Del Campo is using the "full suite of technology: three different work-flows and three different packaging styles all using the HarvestMark technology."

"Food safety and quality control are cornerstones of our business, and on- demand traceability adds a critical business value to the existing operations and future growth of Del Campo," Martin Ley, vice president of Del Campo Supreme, said in the release. "'HarvestMark' will enable us to quickly comply with the Product Traceability Initiative and allow us to extend our rigorous food-safety practices to our distributors and buyers. In addition, we will build new connections to end consumers to receive feedback from the network that will ultimately help us enhance the products we offer to the market."