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Abandon your networking nerves with Connect 2 Potential
If walking into a networking event makes you anxious, you are not alone, according to Wendy McManus, executive leadership coach with Connect 2 Potential. McManus has taught networking skills as part of her group coaching programs for the past two years. It has become clear, she said, that many people struggle with these situations. The solution, said McManus, is to be genuine, and to work out in advance what that means for... Read more

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Naturipe Farms strives to turn all consumers into ‘berry believers’
Naturipe Farms is on a mission to turn all grocery shoppers into big-time “berry believers,” according to CarrieAnn Arias, vice president of marketing for the Salinas, CA-based company. “Berries are so convenient and accessible,” Arias told The Produce News. “They can be incorporated into any meal of the day, or simply enjoyed by themselves as a healthy on-the-go... Read more

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DelFrescoPure touts strawberries and heirloom tomatoes
DelFrescoPure, based in Kingsville, Ontario, is a leader in the greenhouse hydroponic sector and prides itself on being able to provide consumers with strawberries all year long by putting a lot of time and care into growing the highest quality strawberries possible. The company currently has 17 acres of greenhouses dedicated specifically to strawberries. “Our... Read more


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Longtime organic expert joins Viva Tierra Organic
Longtime organic expert Chris Ford has joined Viva Tierra Organic, a leading grower and marketer of organic apples and pears, in the role of business development and marketing manager as the company looks toward a strong season of South American fruit. Viva Tierra is among the largest suppliers of organic... Read more