Apeel Sciences and Sage Fruit Co. bring organic Apeel apples to market

California-based Apeel Sciences and Washington-based Sage Fruit Co. have announced that they are working together and bringing organic apples with Apeel shelf-life-extending coating to select markets. This marks Apeel’s first major partnership in the apple category and its first launch into organics.APEEL-APPLICATION

“This partnership marks a significant milestone for the organic produce industry,” said Gordon Robertson, chief revenue officer at Apeel. “With Apeel, Sage can now offer greater availability of their premium organic apples. And because our technology keeps produce fresher for longer, retailers can sell more fruit at a greater weight while the consumer enjoys a delicious, crisp apple at home.”

Since 1-Methylcyclopropene is not allowed for use on organic apples, they have far less availability than conventional apples. Apeel is an edible, plant-derived solution approved for the organic fresh produce industry to extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables, providing greater value to an already premium fruit category. Apeel maintains moisture, which means less money evaporating off of store shelves and higher margins for retailers.

Sage Fruit Co. plans to use Apeel on several popular organic apple varieties, including Gala, Fuji, Honeycrisp, Granny Smith and Pink Lady. The Apeel-treated bulk apples will have Apeel stickers on them and so will the bags of bagged apples.

“It’s a benefit to both the retailer and consumer,” said Sage’s President of Sales and Marketing Chuck Sinks. “It retains water weight more in the store, and that gives a better ring. And then they will be longer lasting and a better eating experience at home.”

Robertson said the goal is to deliver better quality fruit to consumers, and in this case, it allows organic apples to remain organic while still using Apeel.

“The Sage Fruit/Olympic Fruit team is honored to collaborate and work directly with Apeel Sciences,” Sinks said. “When two companies can work together at this level to provide the consumer with a great product, we feel that everyone wins. This amazing product has the potential to extend the shelf life of products, ultimately benefiting the consumer, retailer and the grower. The impact that Apeel has on longer lasting fruit quality is outstanding.”

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