AFP toasts World Series champion Washington Nationals

Avocados from Peru has taken the Baby Shark craze of the Washington Nationals baseball team to a whole new level in celebrating the team's first-ever World Series championship with a unique spin on avocado toast.doodoodoo

With the help of AFP Global Brand Ambassador Fooddeco, the superior summer avocados from Peru pay tribute to America's favorite summertime sport, transforming the quintessential brunch fare into a surprising culinary delight for all ages -- Baby Shark avocado toast.

"We are thrilled to celebrate this historic win with fans all over the country," said Xavier Equihua, president and chief executive officer of the Peruvian Avocado Commission. "The North American base of the Peruvian Avocado Commission is here in Washington, DC. We couldn't think of a better way to acknowledge our hometown heroes than with a tribute to the team's rallying good luck symbol, made with the most coveted summertime superfood -- Peruvian avocados."

Peruvian avocados add a flavorful superfood twist to one of America's favorite pastimes. With nearly 20 essential vitamins and minerals and no sodium or cholesterol, it's no secret why Peruvian avocados are America's favorite nutrient-dense superfood.

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