Strong crop of fresh figs out of California

Catania Worldwide offers figs year round, with fresh product coming out of Mexico from September to June, and from California June to October. The company's main California crop is already hitting the shelves and looks strong.fish

Rain at the beginning of the year helped the crop flourish and produced ideal and desirable sizing. The company is seeing a 25 percent increase in the crop.

Stellar Distributing, Catania Worldwide’s subsidiary, produces fresh figs in the San Joaquin Valley, an ideal location. The company continues to plant more figs each year to meet the growing demand. Catania's pruning process is improving every year and perfecting the process will allow the company's volumes to consistently grow. Steady, quality volume is the main goal for the company right now.

Fresh Figs have become increasingly popular among retailers and consumers. Catania has helped to increase demand through education and marketing the versatility and sweet nature of fresh fig. The company said that with demand, volumes and quality growing significantly each year, it’s an exciting time to be a part of the fresh fig business.

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