Sev-Rend expands pouch capabilities with mini sliders closure systems

Sev-Rend is now offering custom pouches with mini slider closure capability. Consumers and packers both prefer the mini slider closure due to the ease, assurance, and speed of closing versus traditional press to close zippers. Consumers also find that the mini-slider pouch allows for easy reuse of the pouch.

Sev-Rend has been bringing innovation to pouch manufacturing since its initial investment in 2017.   Ever since then, Sev-Rend has been partnering with customers to bring their ideas to life. “Sev-Rend’s pouches are not just generic products picked from a catalog. Our aim is to work with our customers to identify and develop a package that generates higher turnover, longer shelf life, decreased shrink and better prices at the retailer,” said Tony O’Driscoll, Sev-Rend’s vice president of sales and marketing. The application of the mini slider to Sev-Rend’s ever growing portfolio of pouch capabilities not only provides an additional feature, but meets the demands of the market.

“Mini slider pouches are the fastest growing package in the apple and stone fruit parts of the produce industry and this new capability meets our customers’ needs for this application while delighting retailers and consumers,” said O’Driscoll. “We see our mini-slider capability as a perfect accompaniment to our quiver of features that include: sustainable options, custom shapes, unique venting hole application, custom perforation, traceability, and much more.”

“The addition of the mini slider capability to our pouching line is just the beginning of some big updates you will see coming from Sev-Rend in 2019,” said Jeff Watkin, Sev-Rend’s director of marketing. “We are excited for several future announcements on how we can service the produce industry even better with superior quality and faster lead times when compared to other produce packaging suppliers.”

Sev-Rend enjoyed its 25th year anniversary in 2018 and is located in Collinsville, IL. It is known for servicing the produce industry with high performance packaging that is drop in ready for all major automated packaging equipment.

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