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Consalo Family Farms continues NJ blueberry expansion

AJSkipChelseaConsaloIn order to meet demand from its retail customers, Consalo Family Farms continues to expand its footprint in the New Jersey growing region with the purchase of additional acreage. 

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“As one of the largest family-owned blueberry operations on the East Coast, we feel our main advantage is that we grow, pack and market our own fruit,” said Skip Consalo, president of Consalo Family Farms. “This additional acreage will expand our growing and packing capabilities from 8 million pounds to 9.5 million pounds during the New Jersey blueberry deal.” Screen-Shot-2019-05-02-at-10.47.29-AM Consalo Family Farms has acreage in New Jersey, North Carolina and Mexico. This season, the operation plans to harvest 35 million pounds of blueberries across all production areas. 

Founded in 1927 and headquartered in Vineland, NJ, Consalo Family Farms now involves members of the family’s third and fourth generation. The company is a year-round, global grower of vegetables and blueberries. 

The company’s advanced research and development techniques at the field level have improved blueberry sizing and flavor, enabling Consalo Family Farms to offer consumers the freshest varieties available to enhance their eating experience.

“We have always been -- and continue to be -- passionate about produce, and we are proud to have been founded on the traditions of trust, customer service and dedication to excellence in farming,” said Consalo. “Our latest farming expansion continues to improve our vertical integration strategy to drive costs out of the supply chain, maintain the green initiative and improve freshness for our valued customers. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology helps us continually provide the freshest, best-tasting products on the market.”

AJ Consalo, Jeff DiMatteo and Chelsea Consalo.