Year-round mangos from Morning Kiss Organic

Morning Kiss Organic is now offering organic mangos, ready to ship immediately. The mango program will be offered year-round thanks to trusted organic growing partners in Mexico, Peru and Ecuador.Mangos MorningKissOrganic

Organic mangos will be available in Kent, Tommy Atkins and Keitt varieties. Morning Kiss products are always customizable to the needs of individual retailers, and organic mangos will have the option of an organic band so as not to miss the organic ring at checkout.

Containing 20 different vitamins and minerals, mangos are considered a superfood — foods so nutrient rich that they are believed to be especially beneficial to health. With their unique flavor and health benefits, this tropical fruit is popular across demographics.

"Mangos are a well-loved produce item that we're excited to add to our lineup and believe will be very popular. We always want to provide our customers with the highest quality produce and innovative ways to help them grow their organic sales. Our new organic mango program will help us meet those goals,” said Nelly Czajkowski of Morning Kiss Organic.

Organic mangos are available year-round from Morning Kiss Organic. Morning Kiss Organic employs just-in-time inventory management, reducing loss to product spoilage at retail, and therefore protecting the retailer's bottom line.

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