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Kroger vet joins The Produce Moms

The Produce Moms continue to grow brand recognition and reach with the addition of food personality Candace Wylie.  In her new role with The Produce Moms, Wylie will be working with founder Lori Taylor as a brand ambassador to support the initiatives and activities of TPM.  In her role with Kroger, which spanned nearly 15 years, Wylie worked on customer loyalty marketing, social media and newspaper relationships. In addition to her work with Kroger, Wylie’s blog FoodLoveTog has led to her being recognized as one of America’s top African American Food Bloggers.Candace-Wiley-HeadshotCandace Wylie

Wylie made her solo debut on The Produce Moms Facebook Live episode Friday, Feb. 23 at 11 a.m. She prepared Simple Shrimp, Pepper & Onion.  During the show, TPM had another Amazon Giveaway.  At the end of the broadcast, viewers who entered the keyword SWEET in the comments were entered into a drawing to win a three-piece bamboo cutting board set.

“When we announced our re-brand over the holidays, it was in part due to the expansion plan we had created for additional TPM Brand Ambassadors," said Taylor. " Candace has a passion for food, as portrayed in her blog, and her work at Kroger has given her a strong familiarity with the grocery business and the brands that support the work of TPM.”

According to Taylor, Wylie said it best during her intro on TPM’s Facebook Live broadcast, “The reason I’m a Produce Mom is because I have a 4-year-old.  I believe we are all trying to set up our children for life as good eaters.  I’m proud to be on The Produce Moms team!”

The Produce Moms is currently vetting other personalities to bring onto the team and expects to announce additional TPM brand ambassadors throughout 2018.  “By expanding our Produce Mom personalities, we are providing our consumer community and brand partners with more voices, more recipes, more perspectives and more culture; all united under the mission and interest of increasing the consumption of fresh produce,” said Taylor.

Currently, The Produce Moms’ 20 brand partners are Sage Fruit, Chelan Fresh, Duda Farm Fresh Foods, Kroger, Wada Farms, Grapes from California, Mann’s, Grapery, Naturipe, Monterey Mushrooms, North Bay Produce, Salad Savoy, USA Pears, Watermelon Board, Military Produce Group, Josie’s Organics, Eat Smart, HMC Farms, Pink Lady and Crunch Pak.