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Avocados From Mexico chalks up a win with Guac Nation

Avocados From Mexico and Old El Paso have teamed up for a third time to make the Big Game one for the guacamole consumption record books with Guac Nation. Running Dec. 26 to Feb. 5, 2017, the program will offer a full spectrum of support while leveraging the excitement of Super Bowl festivities and get-togethers to highlight delicious snacks and party food featuring fresh Avocados From Mexico and Old El Paso.afmlo

The campaign will be bolstered with consumer incentives and retailer support, such as recipe inspiration through social media, in-store radio, merchandising focused on molcajete-shaped display bins, and the Guac Center Pallet bin. The Guac Center Pallet bin is unique in that it has separate side pockets allowing retailers to merchandise everything a shopper would need to build their own guacamole, like tomatoes, onions, jalapeños or limes. Approximately 73 percent of people, hosts and guests alike, make grocery store trips specifically for the Big Game, and these inspirational posts and display bins make game-day shopping that much easier. 

“The Big Game is the perfect broad-reaching platform to promote avocado consumption surrounding the traditions of in-home entertaining for people of all backgrounds,” Stephanie Bazan, market development director of AFM, said in a press release. “Hosts of Big Game parties want to create simple crowd-pleasing dishes and with the Big Game ranking as one of the top occasions where avocados -- especially guacamole -- are served, the Guac Nation program will reinforce the relationship between guacamole and football.”

Guac Nation is an example of how the continued collaboration between Avocados From Mexico and Old El Paso is using a total market approach at the shopper level. Designed with how today’s shopper consumes media in mind, the Guac Nation program includes four strong digital components to reach shoppers along the entire path to purchase: Catalina Buyer Vision, Ibotta, Pinterest and Facebook.

The Catalina Buyer Vision will be implemented again to deliver load-to-card and print-at-home coupons to drive shoppers to stores. With this shopper incentive, consumers can save $1 when buying two avocados from Mexico and any one Old El Paso dinner kit, taco shells, or tortillas. The incentive running through the Ibotta platform is a pilot element new this year developed to drive incremental purchases. Through the Ibotta platform, consumers will have access to “unlock” the same incentive available through the Catalina Buyer Vision. Ibotta is intended to “gamify” the shopping experience. Consumers can redeem the coupon by purchasing the product, taking a picture of the receipt through the app and receiving the rebate.

Along with in-store and online savings, consumers will be able to enter for a chance to win a variety of prizes. One grand prize winner will receive a Big Game Prize Pack valued at $5,000 and 60 secondary prizes of $250 gift cards will be awarded. Retailers will also have the chance to win big when they join the Guac Nation and exercise their creativity at the store level.

In addition to the consumer incentive offers, Old El Paso has developed a new recipe featuring Avocados From Mexico: Avocado Jalapeño Popper Boats. The recipe will be supported with sponsored posts on Pinterest, as well as with two paid posts on Facebook designed to engage with consumers before and after their shopping.

Furthermore, Guac Nation will be expanded to Hispanic stores with this year’s promotion. The Super Bowl is one of the top avocado-consumption occasions for Hispanics. In these stores, the program will be supported and amplified by consumer savings offers of buy three avocados and save $1, and merchandising with game time themed bins, posters and a coupon tear pad.

Culminating its association with football, AFM will be making a repeat appearance during game-day with a 30-second commercial set to run during the first break of the Big Game. Airing Sunday, Feb. 5 on FOX, this year AFM is tackling a nutritious message that will entertain and delight fans. With an average 189 million viewers tuning in to watch, AFM’s decision to advertise during the Big Game in previous years has paid off extremely well and they plan to capitalize on this year’s opportunity.