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Mushroom Council’s ‘Swap It or Top It’ summer promotion in full gear

Bill Litvin, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Giorgio Fresh Co. in Temple, PA, said that the company is preparing to participate in the Mushroom Council’s new summer “Swap It or Top It” recipe contest.

“We are challenging consumers to transform their typical summer grilling recipes using mushrooms by reinventing the turkey burger with the use of mushroom ‘swapability,’ such as topping a traditional beef burger with a grilled portabella, or combining all five food groups to create a tasty MyPlate burger,” said Mr. Litvin.

He added that the categories for entry include Swapability, Best Topped Burger and MyPlate Burger. Consumers can enter one, two or all three categories. The top two recipes in each category will be put to public vote to determine the grand prize winning recipes.

IMG 9451-Growing-CheckA worker picking fresh white mushrooms at a major production facility in the United States. (Photo courtesy of the Mushroom Council)“With a total of $8,500 up for grabs, the grand prize winner will walk away with $5,000 in cash and gift cards,” said Mr. Litvin. “The contest begins Saturday, June 1 on”

Kathleen Preis, marketing coordinator for the Mushroom Council, said the contest is a part of the Council’s Swap It or Top It summer promotion. Retailers, she noted, can get involved in several ways.

“We recommend that retailers stock participating mushroom products at their retail locations, offer participating mushroom growers premium shelf space and promote the program via the Council’s turnkey point-of-sale materials,” said Ms. Preis. “These include promotional outlets such as cooking demonstrations and circulars.”

The Mushroom Council promotes fresh mushrooms nationally and it works to help Americans understand the importance of a balanced diet and raise awareness about different ways that mushrooms can help create healthier options for everyday dishes. The Council’s multi-faceted commitment to the Partnership for a Healthier America consists of a number of marketing and school-based components, which help to expose Americans to more nutritious and creative ways to incorporate healthy eating into their lifestyles.

Another part of the Swap It Or Top It summer promotion is called “Mushroom Blendability.” Ms. Preis said the program is consistently making headlines with consumers while gaining momentum in commercial and noncommercial foodservice outlets.

“Due to the hearty texture and likeness to meat — in terms of taste and texture — mushrooms can be used in combination with meat to makeover traditional menu items to create healthier versions using the ‘blendability’ concept,” she said.

“With mushroom blendability, consumers can continue to eat iconic foods like burgers, turkey burgers and tacos while reducing calories, reducing cost and serving a nutrient dense superfood to their meal.”

“Blending mushrooms with meat will extend the portion size while maintaining recommended nutrition standards,” Ms. Preis added.