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Tom Wason takes on executive role at 20/20 Produce

Tom Wason, a produce industry veteran with three decades of experience in the retail and foodservice sectors, has joined 20/20 Produce Sales Inc., based in Heyburn, ID, as a member of the company’s board of directors and a managing partner.

“We are extremely excited to have Tom as part of the 20/20 Produce family,” said Tom Williams, company founder and a board member. “Tom and I had the privilege some 25 years ago to put programs in place that were new and innovative for their time. These programs still exist today, and we look forward to putting new ideas and models in place that will also drive the future. Tom’s intuition and relationships in the industry will play a key role in our ability to satisfy the ever-changing dynamics of our consumers.”

WasonJoins2020ProduceTom Wason“20/20 Produce specializes in year-round supplies of the highest-quality fruits and vegetables from a wide variety of shipping geographies,” President Mark Williams told The Produce News.

The company was founded in 1993 and moves onions, potatoes, apples and other seasonal fruits and vegetables from its shipping locations in Washington, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and California.

Prior to joining 20/20 Produce, Mr. Wason served as vice president of perishables at SYSCO Corp., where he oversaw both fresh and frozen fruit and vegetable programs.

Mr. Wason has also served on boards of the Produce Marketing Association and Canadian Produce Marketing Association. He serves as vice president of foodservice distribution for Sun Orchard Inc. in Arizona and Florida.

“On the 20th anniversary of our company, we are thrilled to have Tom implementing positive changes and a new direction for 20/20 Produce,” Mr. Williams added.