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Kontos Fruit Co. hired ADAM PRIDMORE on June 11, 2012.

adamheadMr. Pridmore works as a sales representative for the Birmingham, AL-based company and handles out-of-state accounts, as well as local deliveries and door trade. The company handles a full line of produce.

Mr. Pridmore’s father, Roger Pridmore, has been in the produce industry his entire life and brought him into the business after he graduated from school. Prior to joining Kontos Fruit Co., Mr. Pridmore worked for Bama Tomato Co., also based in Birmingham for six years. He’s been in the produce industry for a total of six-and-a-half years.

Mr. Pridmore currently resides in Alabaster, AL, with his wife Treissi Karam Pridmore, and their two dogs, Poochette and Bella. In his spare time, he enjoys bodybuilding, photography and University of Alabama athletics.

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