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Two key players on the Oppenheimer sales team will bring their game faces to top positions after recent promotions.

Walt Breeden brings 25 years of experience in produce to his role of director of sales for Canada. His tenure with Oppenheimer began in 1987, selling California-grown produce throughout Western Canada. In 1997 he was promoted to sales manager, and in 2001 he led the opening of the company's Calgary, AB, office.

In his new positionwalbrWalt Breeden, Mr. Breeden will continue to strategically oversee the efforts of Oppenheimer's Western Canadian sales team while aiming to increase sales in Eastern Canada.

"As our business expands eastward, it's imperative that we leverage the consumer behavior and buying patterns in those regions with Oppenheimer products," Mr. Breeden said in a press release. "We offer a wide range of items that are suitable for the eastern market, like our new apple varieties."

Mr. Breeden was convention chairman of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association in 2006 and currently sits on its board of directors. In 2014, he will take on a promotion of a different nature when he becomes CPMA chairman.

"Oppenheimer and our President, Chairman and CEO John Anderson have always been involved in giving back while encouraging people to get involved in the industry," said Mr. Breeden, noting that Mr. Anderson and recently retired sales representative, Rick Wallis, have both been CPMA chairs in the past.

Mr. Breeden is also the past president and former director of the British Columbia Produce Marketing Association.

David Cheung will step into Breeden's previous position of sales manager in Oppenheimer's Vancouver office. He will be responsible for leading the local sales team while driving the company's Western Canadian sales initiatives.

"DaviddavchDavid Cheung is a team player and a natural leader," Mr. Breeden said in the press release. "His tremendous knowledge of the produce industry combined with an aptitude for customer service makes him an invaluable asset to both our sales team and Oppenheimer."

Mr. Cheung currently sits on the board of directors for the British Columbia Produce Marketing Association. He was a buyer for the Overwaitea Food Group of Vancouver, BC, before joining Oppenheimer as a sales representative in 2006. Experience in the retail sector allowed him to develop a strong understanding of the unique challenges faced by retailers in today's market, Mr. Breeden said.

"The produce industry is dynamic and unpredictable," said Mr. Cheung. "It's important to have a flexible, adaptable team that is adept at building and maintaining relationships with various touch points. Understanding the needs of retailers is key, and I'm proud to say this is an area where Oppenheimer's sales team excels."