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As a part of its commitment to sustainability and high-quality farming, Lipman Family Farms has partnered with North Carolina-based Table Fare Farms. Lipman will be the exclusive marketer for the farm, which currently grows watermelons in Tabor City, NC, and is owned by Larry and Tammy O’Ferrel.lipman

Currently affiliated with more than 50 local farmers in more than 20 states, Lipman partners with growers around the country through its Lipman Local program in order to bring its customers local, quality produce year-round.

“We are very excited to partner with Larry and Tammy O’Ferrel,” said Scott Rush, director of Lipman Local. “Table Fare Farms will be a great addition to the Lipman family and will allow us to expand our local produce offerings to our customers.”

Lipman plans to expand this partnership to include other commodities in the future.

“Working with Lipman is the ideal next step for us,” said Table Fare Farms owner Larry O’Ferrel. “We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”


The Vidalia Onion Committee will launch a new logo for America’s favorite sweet onion during the annual Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit conference held Oct. 19-21.vidal

The new brand mark reflects the artisanal approach to growing Vidalia onions that farmers have perfected over time. “We think the new logo captures the proud history of Vidalia onions that have been handcrafted by generations of grower artisans for more than 80 years in Georgia,” said Bob Stafford, the VOC’s interim executive director. “Yet, it also brings an updated, modern look to our brand that we believe will resonate with today’s consumers.”

The new logo will be featured in the Vidalia 2018 marketing campaign, “Only Vidalia,” which reminds people that only Vidalia onions have the sweet, mild flavor profile that has made it an essential ingredient for a wide range of dishes including salads, dressings and even desserts.

The 2018 “Only Vidalia” campaign will also feature a new 60-second video spot that tells the story of Vidalia and why it’s special. The campaign also includes advertising aimed at consumers and grocery retailers; social media content and blogger partnerships – all inviting people to rediscover the original sweet onion.  Both the logo and the video will be featured in the Vidalia PMA exhibit booth No. 4116 in the Georgia Grown pavilion.

The introduction of the new logo and campaign spot coincide with the 25th anniversary year of the Vidalia trademark. The state of Georgia passed the Vidalia Onion Act in 1986, but did not become the official owner of the Vidalia trademark until 1992. The annual crop, which experienced one of its best harvests in recent years this season, is produced by 100 registered growers in 20 south Georgia counties and is available in the spring and summer.

As a part of the 25th anniversary observance, the VOC is partnering with several leading area restaurants to celebrate “Vidalia Onion Week” Oct. 15-21 when the PMA event is in the city.

Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House, Dickie Brennan’s Tableau, Fogo de Chao News Orleans, Galatoire’s Restaurant, New Orleans Creole Cookery, and Briquette will be incorporating the Vidalia onion in a number of special dishes during the week, including:

  • Vidalia Onion Rings, Bourbon House Salad, Bourbon House Burger and Redfish on the Half-Shell with Crabmeat at Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House;
  • A Vidalia onion salad at Fogo de Chao;
  • Lunch specials at Galatoire’s Restaurant and Friday lunch specials at Galatoire’s “33” Bar and Steak;
  • Vidalia onion straw appetizer and inclusion in various signature dishes at New Orleans Creole Cookery;
  • Creole French Vidalia Onion Soup at Dickie Brennan’s Tableau;
  • Roasted Vidalia Onion, Buttered Potato, Smoked Ham Au Gratin at Briquette.

 “As two iconic southern brands, New Orleans and Vidalia onions are a perfect pairing,” said Stafford. “We are very pleased to partner with some of the Crescent City’s leading restaurants to celebrate the unique flavor that can only be found in Georgia’s own Vidalia onions.”

In addition to the partnership with local restaurants, former Top Chef contestant and Georgia native Eli Kirshtein will be doing cooking demonstrations featuring Vidalia onions at the VOC booth.

Vidalia onions are Georgia’s official state vegetable, grown on 12,000 acres annually and represent about 40 percent of the sweet onion market.  Sold in every state, the annual value of the crop is about $150 million.

Delhaize is testing an innovative urban farm on the roof of one of its stores in Belgium. The company plans to open rooftop farms at more stores if the test goes well.urban farm logo def

The farm, consisting of a garden and a greenhouse, will allow Delhaize customers to buy freshly picked vegetables that are grown exclusively on-site, highlighting Delhaize's long-term commitment to provide local, sustainable products while lowering CO2 emissions from less distribution.

For 2017, Delhaize is growing five kinds of lettuce, including baby leaf and watercress, with 5,200 plants by the end of the season. Next year, additional types of vegetables will be available, such as tomatoes, eggplant and zucchini.

Several Delhaize teams spent a year creating the 360-square-meter farm in collaboration with gardeners and other business partners. It will be operated by a company that specializes in vegetable gardens.


Sunkist is kicking off its 125th citrus season at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit Convention & Expo, showcasing the organization’s industry-leading marketing programs that stem from generations of experience selling and marketing quality citrus.sunkist

“Sunkist is proud to commemorate its 125-year history at PMA Fresh Summit because we share this milestone with the entire produce industry. Our cooperative was founded on the principle that we are stronger together, and we approach our trade relationships with that same sentiment,” said Joan Wickham, Sunkist director of communications. “This milestone season begins as citrus demand soars. Sunkist offers customers the trusted quality, service and marketing support to continue building demand and sales for the category — We Are Citrus.”

Sunkist offers more than 40 varieties of fresh, premium citrus and the season begins with the arrival of the classic, consumer favorite — California-grown Navel oranges. Sweet, juicy, seedless and an excellent source of Vitamin C, Navel oranges are fantastic eaten out-of-hand and also a versatile ingredient for seasonal recipes. As a popular gift for Lunar New Year, retailers can capitalize on 2018 celebrations with Sunkist’s limited edition Year of the Dog 10-pound consumer carton, on display at Sunkist’s booth.

The cooperative will also introduce trade to Sunkist Delite mandarins, which begin shipping in early November. This season, Sunkist has doubled its mandarin volume and is kicking off the growing year with a fresh approach and the Delite name, the original California mandarin brand. Sweet, seedless and easy-to-peel, mandarins are a staple of the citrus category and Sunkist is pleased to offer consumers a program that capilizes on consumer demand for California-grown quality, simply and authentically.

Sunkist will also be previewing speciality varieties that will be available soon. The Cara Cara Navel orange season will begin in December. Growing in demand, Caras are seedless and sweet with a beautiful pink interior, offering 20 percent more Vitamin C and nearly 30 percent more Vitamin A than traditional Navel oranges. Rich crimson blood oranges, tangy, juicy Minneola tangelos and sweet-tart pummelos are also coming into season in the months ahead.

“Selling specialty citrus is all about education,” said Sunkist Director of Retail Marketing Julie DeWolf. “We offer a wide array of retail marketing materials to help retailers inspire consumers to try citrus varieties that they may not have tried before. Highly visual materials and programs that highlight flavor, usage, nutrition and recipe ideas engage consumers in-store and encourage them to explore the citrus category.”

In addition to seasonal specialties, Sunkist offers lemons, limes and grapefruit year-round. These citrus varieties continue to grow in demand for their versatility. Retailers can continue to drive sales of these varieties using Sunkist’s secondary display options to promote citrus sales outside the produce section. Specialty lemons are growing in demand along with the category, marking opportunity for Meyer lemons, a juicy, less acidic cross between a mandarin and lemon. Sunkist also offers a growing volume of organics across the category.

Visitors to the Sunkist booth will have the opportunity to learn more about the citrus category and the wide array of marketing support available. Sunkist will highlight the cooperative’s retail marketing tools as well as feature the brand’s consumer marketing capabilities, with a virtual reality experience which will allow visitors to the booth to experience the natural beauty of Sunkist’s home and primary growing area, California. Chef Jill Davie will also be demonstrating how to squeeze the most out of citrus season, sampling Flatiron Steak with Sunkist Orange Chili Sauce as well as Citrus Spiked Sweet Potatoes with Sunkist Lime and Chayote Orange Slaw. In addition, a juice bar will serve infused lemon water as well as freshly squeezed grapefruit and orange juice.

To learn more about Sunkist citrus, visit booth No. 2217 or

With Ambrosia apple harvest well under way in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, BC Tree Fruits Cooperative, comprising over 430 grower families, is excited to launch a new and exciting look for the variety for the United States and select export markets for the upcoming season. ambrosia

Ambrosia apples were discovered as a chance seedling in Cawston, BC, in the early 1990s and continue to gain in popularity worldwide with both retailers and consumers.

“This is an exciting variety that continues to impress as it grows in popularity. With our volumes expected to increase by over 150 percent within the next seven to nine years, we wanted to give our growers’ Ambrosia apples their own identity,” BCTF Marketing Manager Chris Pollock said in a press release. “We feel that our Ambrosia apples, coming from the birthplace of the variety, provide consumers with an exceptional eating experience and feel our new look speaks to the variety and its unique characteristics.”

The new look features the variety name Ambrosia in bold, black letters except for the “o”, which has been replaced by a two-colored apple shape. This specifically speaks to the variety’s unique bi-color appearance. A tag line Sweet Perfection falls below the variety name and compliments its flavor profile, a sweet apple with an almost honey-like flavor. All other support materials, including the shipping outer, feature the brand on a white background with only the colors of the variety seen on the materials. Also seen on all elements will be a short story on the variety and a description of the unique flavor profile.

BCTF Ambrosia apples will be available before the end of October through spring 2018. The new look will officially launch during PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans Oct. 19-21 at the Oppy booth (No. 1339).