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Hot summer brings full flavor to Sunlight’s fall harvest

It’s a non-stop harvest in the vineyards as Jakov P. Dulcich & Sons’ Green and Red Emerald, Scarlet Royal, Autumn Royal, Autumn King, Luisco, Crimson, Vintage and Red Globe grape varieties are being picked and packed. Due to the hot summer, the brix are up, the crunch is strong and the taste is exceptional.

“Overall, the grape eating quality is at premium status,” said Nick Dulcich, president of Sunlight International. “If weather permits, the season will go all the way into January, increasing the availability of green, red and black grapes for the year.”

sunlight Each available variety has its own unique flavor and color and is packaged in festive Harvest Hobgoblin bags. Sunlight International’s Autumn Royals are black seedless grapes that have a crunchy flesh, making for a perfect spooky healthy treat on Halloween. Red Globes are seeded berries of outstanding size and make popular decorative snacks. Some of the most prevalent grapes of the season are Green Emerald and Red Emerald grapes, which are extra-large, flavorful and crunchy.

The Harvest Hobgoblin promotion is well on its way as the official fall season begins. Merchandising materials are available that include graphically eye-catching Grab-N-Go pouch bags, colorful display bins, presentation shipping cartons, and posters; all making a stand-out holiday promotion.

This year, each Harvest Hobgoblin bag will have a specially marked QR code linked to a Halloween recipe video for consumers to brew up spooky sensations using Sunlight International’s grapes as the main ingredient.

PMA Fresh Summit attendees can catch Sunlight International at Booth No. 1950 in Anaheim, CA, October 17-19. Each innovative merchandising program Sunlight International has to offer, including all three seasonal campaigns and the famous Pretty Lady brand items, will all be on display. PMA attendees will certainly be wowed visually and their taste buds will be feeling the powerful punch of a variety of delicious grapes and multiple new creative recipes.

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