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CF Fresh celebrates 20th anniversary with name change

CF Fresh Inc., a leading grower of organic fruits and vegetables based in Sedro-Woolley, WA, announced that it is formally changing the name of the company to Viva Tierra Organic Inc. in celebration of its 20th year in business.

The change brings the company's name in line with its primary brand identity, VT-Bartlett-Bagthe "Viva Tierra Organic" label, which was established at the company's founding and has been in continuous use since 1993.

"Adopting Viva Tierra Organic as the official company name honors our organic roots and the vision of our founder, Roger Wechsler, while positioning us for great future growth, challenges and fun adventures in produce," Luis Acuña, president and chief executive officer of Viva Tierra Organic Inc., said in a press release. "We are looking ahead to another 20 years of organic success."

Viva Tierra is a Spanish phrase that can be literally translated as "Live Earth" or "Living Earth," but it also caries an additional idiomatic meaning that is more akin to "Long Live the Earth" or an exclamation of approval, such as "Hooray for Earth!" This sentiment embodies the company's philosophy and commitment to sustainable, organic agriculture and fresh, wholesome produce.

Changing the company's name to Viva Tierra Organic Inc. will simplify the identification of the company within the trade, generate more recognition for the brand and products and reinforce the company's identity as a leader in the organic produce community, the company said in a press release.

In addition to changing the name of the company, other events are planned throughout the year to mark 20 years of organic produce success. A recent tour of Chilean apple orchards for buyers from key accounts that was led by Mr. Acuña was the first of many such events. Plans for future tours of Washington and California orchards in the summer and fall, as well as promotional giveaways and other fun events, are being developed to commemorate this milestone.

Viva Tierra Organic Inc. supplies certified-organic produce to retail chains and wholesalers throughout North America, as well as exporting to Europe and Asia. With growers located in the western United States, Chile and Argentina, Viva Tierra Organic Inc. offers a year-round supply of high-quality organic apples, pears, onions, stone fruits and more.