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Jim DiMenna says serving as CPMA chair an amazing experience

Jim DiMenna, chair of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association and president of JemD Farms in Leamington, ON, a leading distributor of high-quality greenhouse-grown vegetables, is stepping down from his one-year service as chair of the CPMA. The CPMA Convention & Trade Show, being held April 17-19 in Toronto, traditionally marks the end of the one-year appointment.

"This has been an amazing experience," Mr. DiMenna told The Produce News. jemd-1005Jim DiMenna"Personally, serving as chair has provided me with the opportunity to network and meet many great people who contribute so much to the industry. I appreciate the amount of involvement and the commitment that all of the CPMA directors have demonstrated that have made the CPMA the success that it is today."

He added that the wealth that he has gained from his one-year term is not so much about holding the office, but more so about working with all of the board members on a day-to-day basis. He credits the group with some major positive changes that have happened during his term.

"After 88 years, the CPMA changed its governance during my term," said Mr. DiMenna. "The way the association was previously run has changed, and we now have different committees. Even how the board of directors was elected has changed with a different format. Chairs of different committees can now serve on the board. We've reduced the size of the board and increased the size of the groups that work on committees. By doing so we feel that we'll be able to accomplish even more in the future."

He added that these changes were solid and positive moves. They are exciting and will take the CPMA to the next level.

Mr. DiMenna also expressed deep appreciation to the CPMA Convention & Trade Show committee for the successful planning of the 2013 event.

"Bernadette Hamel, the convention chair, and her outstanding committee members have done a great job at organizing this year's event," said Mr. DiMenna. "They did a lot of hard work, but they had fun doing it."

"Fresh Success" is the theme for the 2013 convention.

"And we have surpassed our goal of being a fresh success," said Mr. DiMenna. "The expo will be the largest in the CPMA's 88-year history. We are sold out with 512 exhibitors."

Mr. DiMenna is the first produce professional to serve as chair of CPMA who comes from the Canadian hydroponic greenhouse industry.