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New DRC website aims to prevent disputes

The Fruit & Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corp. launched a new website,, as part of its renewed focus on Keeping Trade on Track through dispute prevention education.

The new site is designed to better align with recent rebranding and marketing efforts, and offers better access to information to help prevent disputes from happening in the first place. will enable visitors to quickly call up reference tools such as the active DRC members list, standards, guidelines and form templates.

"The inherent nature of the produce landscape means there will be disputes, and we want to help minimize these disputes through prevention education," said Fred Webber, president and chief executive officer of the DRC. "Our members will now have better direct access to key information on the new website and the intent is to prevent disputes from happening in the first place."

Easier to navigate, the site is based on DRC's core pillars of education, mediation, arbitration and networking. Available on the site is the DRC active members list - a list of all current companies that are members in good standing. Now, members can quickly assess whether a potential trading partner has committed to following DRC guidelines. Members that are no longer in good standing will also be posted at

A history of DRC prepared by Cornell University that outlines the origins of the creation of DRC can also be found on the site. The website promotes a DRC Help Desk, which DRC members can access for confidential consultation.

"Sometimes all a member needs is a quick and confidential call to the DRC Help Desk to assess whether a matter is worth pursuing," said Mr. Webber.

"We have also made key documents such as our guidelines and templates readily accessible," Mr. Webber added. The guidelines include good arrival, good inspection and transportation standards. There is a wealth of information from FAQs to case studies to best practices available on the new site.

In the coming months DRC will be working on phase two of the website, the members-only zone. DRC is asking its members for feedback on elements to include in the members-only area.

DRC is a non-profit, membership-based organization that provides education, consultation, mediation and arbitration to the produce trade. Working closely with industry associations and governments on behalf of members, DRC looks to reform legislation, make federal inspections more accessible, develop best practices, and level the playing field for all participants. DRC members represent all facets of the produce industry as well as the transportation industry dealing in fresh fruit and vegetables.