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Hass Avocado Board announces new executive committee, debuts new branding

capThe Hass Avocado Board's 2013 executive committee includes Chairman James W. Johnson, Vice-Chairman Scott Bauwens, Secretary Bob Schaar and Treasurer Chris Henry.The Hass Avocado Board announced its 2013 executive committee, which will focus on achieving HAB's vision of being the avocado category leader in the United States and the industry leader worldwide. The 2013 executive committee includes Chairman James W. Johnson, Vice-Chairman Scott Bauwens, Secretary Bob Schaar and Treasurer Chris Henry.

In the coming year, the executive committee will focus on growing demand, with an emphasis on nutrition research and marketing. The board has made a significant investment in this area with several studies in progress and more on the way with a focus on four pillars: heart health, weight management, Type 2 diabetes and Healthy Living.

"We will focus on achieving four strategic priorities — to build demand in the U.S. market, implement a data system that captures supply and demand globally, support initiatives that will help provide consistent quality product and continue investing in nutrition research that the industry can use to share the news about the health benefits of avocados," Chairman James W. Johnson said in a press release. "Our efforts will continue to support avocado growers whose fruit is sold in the United States. Their success is our success."

"Our strategic planning continues,” Emiliano Escobedo, HAB executive director, said in the press release. “The next phase commences in spring 2013, when we reconvene to check progress against assigned development tasks."

In addition, HAB has rebranded its look with a new logo that expresses the organization's leadership in the avocado industry and marks a new, more contemporary identity for the future.

"In terms of personality, the logo and the typefaces used in various applications set a more modern tone," said Mr. Escobedo. "Our old look served us well in the first decade of our existence. It was more formal and traditional and expressed HAB's focus on the U.S.

"Our new look imparts a strong sense for the future,” he said. “We are an organization that represents leadership and points to a future with growth driven not only by board efforts, but by the commitment to continue to create demand across the U.S. And, importantly, we take a global leadership position in terms of category expertise."

This new brand identity is expressed not only in the design of the logo, but also in the color. The new logo features green — a standard for the avocado — and expresses the positive aspects of the Hass avocado: fertility, nature, harmony, honesty and rebirth. The logo also infuses terra cotta color — a burnt orange — to signify attributes like creativity, confidence, invigoration, uniqueness, energy, vibrancy and health.

In its first decade, HAB set a course of discovery and worked collaboratively to establish an expanded category across the nation. With the new executive committee and rebrand in place, HAB intends to carry out its vision for industry and category leadership, with a dedication to growing demand and emphasis on nutrition research and marketing.