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New firm looks to help products realize full potential

With the regular introduction of new varieties in the fruit business a key element of success, growers are always on the lookout for what may be around the varietal corner.

The nursery industry has traditionally provided that service and continues to serve growers well, but a new product company called Proprietary Variety Management promises to add an innovative direction to that activity.

According to John Reeves, general manager of PVM in Yakima, WA, the company was PVMMembers of the PVM management team include John Reeves, general manager; Kevin Brandt, vice president; Cristy Warnock, operation manager; Lynnell Brandt, president; and Alan Taylor, marketing director.created to provide not only new and innovative products but valuable assistance in the commercialization process. The new company will work to help those products reach their full marketing potential not only on behalf of the breeders but for all stakeholders.

"What we're doing is unique in that it adds to the range of products to be available to the growers and it helps provide a focus on the success of those products in the marketplace," Dr. Reeves said in a press release.

In order to make these new products available, PVM will first call on those varietal sources that have been established over the past decades with some coming from prior domestic connections and others from the other side of the world.

"PVM collaborates with some of the most prominent breeding programs and largest marketing companies," Dr. Reeves said in the press release. "One of the most notable is the Associated International Group of Nurseries, where we have a quarter-century of experience with 10 group members in different territories.

"The availability of intellectual property to the entire produce distribution chain, and therefore the fruit industry, is becoming more important each season," Dr. Reeves continued. "PVM is taking the focus on new innovative IP in its strategic approach to work with breeders, nurseries, shippers-marketers, retailers and, of course, at the starting point with the growers. This is done in order to maximize the value of its efforts for all concerned."

It all comes down to the opportunity from an intellectual property standpoint to add value in the marketing of new varieties. This is value which is realized from the orchard all the way to the consumer.

"The intellectual property aspects of PVM are tied closely with its assistance in the overall commercialization process," Dr. Reeves added. "This is where the results coming out of the discovery of new IP are realized with the grower making a decision on the planting of a new orchard block."

When it comes to the many commercialization possibilities, PVM offers not only the standard format supplied by the nurseries, but it also provides a range of services such as helping to shepherd the new product to reach its maximum potential.