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Gourmet Trading offering peeled white asparagus for the holidays

Gourmet Trading Co., a leading supplier of fresh asparagus in North America, is offering its peeled white asparagus as a seasonal item for the holidays.

The Los Angeles-based company introduced the bagged and pre-peeled white asparagus pack to the asparagus category back in February.

Wht Small 1 250 peeledPeeled white asparagus gives consumers and chefs the added convenience of a pre-peeled white asparagus since the vegetable's peel can have a bitter taste. The bag technology benefits retailers and foodservice operators by giving them lower shrink.

"White asparagus adds a touch of elegance to any holiday meal, and now with peeled white asparagus it is easy to prepare," Julia Inestroza, marketing director for Gourmet Trading, said in a press release. "Now that the guesswork of cooking white asparagus is gone, consumers and chefs have the chance to try something new for their holiday meals."

"We are excited to offer this innovative item, which is hand peeled and bagged Peru to preserve freshness," Brian Miller, president of Gourmet Trading, added in the press release. "The item involves lots of planning and logistics for it to arrive just in time for the holiday season. We hope to help our customers lift sales of asparagus during the holiday season with our peeled white asparagus."

Gourmet Trading is offering the product for holiday promotions in nine-ounce, and one- and 1.5-pound pack sizes. Point-of-sale materials for this item are also available.