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Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission taking it to the streets

As sweet potatoes begin to appear in holiday spreads and sweet potato lovers nationwide are preparing for the ninth annual Sweet Rewards Recipe Contest, the Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission is launching a new creative advertising plan to promote Louisiana sweet potatoes.

The commission is partnering with All Over Media to use local delivery trucks to reach the target audience walmart-truckat the point of sale.

In the past, the Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission has relied on advertising through a combination of conventional media, including traditional billboards. This year the campaign is being revamped as the commission calls upon mobile display advertising to present a more innovative and dynamic means of communication.

With today's consumers becoming increasingly mobile, these moving billboards have greater access to the audience, thereby supplying a more efficient means of boosting brand awareness.

Truck-side advertising combines the immediacy of point-of-purchase advertising with the visual power of billboards, which will provide the Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission with the unique ability to reach out to potential customers during their daily routines.

The trucks in use will continue to follow their daily delivery routines, but rather than exclusively distributing products, they will also deliver a message.

From November through March, the delivery trucks will display visuals of the Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission's logo and products, along with the "Be Loyal, Buy Local" tagline and a call to visit the commission website.

These trucks will travel to grocery stores located in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Monroe, Alexandria, Lafayette and Lake Charles, with deliveries being made in front of stores, rather than at loading docks located in the back in order to ensure ultimate point of purchase visibility.

More information regarding Louisiana sweet potatoes, as well as for delicious sweet potato recipes, is available at the commission's website,