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Avocados from Mexico reach the big stage

By the time the 2015 Super Bowl reaches the end of the first quarter on Feb. 1, at least 125 million people will have the opportunity to see a fresh produce item advertised along with the top consumer brands in the world.afmlo

For the first time ever, a fresh produce item will share the spotlight with nachos, beer, colas and other products that typically fill the advertising space of the National Football League’s annual championship game.  This year, a 30-second spot touting Avocados From Mexico will share the limelight.   The commercial for Avocados From Mexico, the number-one selling avocado in the United States, is being kept under wraps until it debuts at the end of the first quarter.

Soon after the advertisement airs, Avocados From Mexico will launch an aggressive social media campaign designed to get game-watchers in the Mexico spirit, and will increase awareness that Avocados from Mexico are always in season and pair perfectly with their football celebrations.

AFM President Alvaro Luque believes “it's a natural fit for us because the number-one usage of avocados is guacamole, and the peak of guacamole consumption each year is the Super Bowl. It's the time of greatest momentum for us to create brand awareness, and we are the number-one brand of avocado in the U.S.  It'll reinforce the whole campaign that we started in October and will continue through May.”

He noted that in January and February 2015, the amount of avocados imported to the United States is expected to be more than 285 million pounds, with Mexican avocados leading the way as the top importer and the top seller.

“Avocados From Mexico is proud to be the first produce supplier to have an advertisement featured during the most popular event of the year,” noted Luque.  “We are excited to be advertising during the ‘Big Game’, but more importantly, we’re committed to giving consumers a nutritious way to enjoy game-time, and anytime snacking.  This ad continues the trend toward good for you choices advertised in a big way, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that important shift.”

Maggie Bezart Hall, vice president of trade & promotion for AFM, said the Big Game ad is the culmination of AFM’s Guac Fiesta promotion that kicked off in mid-December and runs through Feb. 1.  “The promotion has been designed to align with “prime guacamole-eating season,” said Hall.

She added that eating guacamole pairs very well with football-watching and as such AFM has been promoting its avocados and guacamole in many different venues including national consumer advertising, in-store displays, in-store radio, in coupons and in its public relations efforts.  The promotions teams AFM with the Old El Paso line of consumer product goods, including taco shells and taco-making kits.  

While many retailers have been promoting Guac Fiesta and the fruit by utilizing special bins and displays since the middle of December, Hall said many others were waiting until January to begin their AFM push.  “We have a lot of promotional material hitting the stores this week and next,” said Hall on Jan. 6, adding that more than 22,000 stores nationwide are involved in the campaign.

As a year-round supplier of fresh avocados, Avocados From Mexico will be promoting the increasingly-popular item on a continuous basis.  As Guac Fiesta ends, AFM will launch Fanwich for about a seven-week period beginning Feb. 2.

“Fanwich is designed to promote additional uses for avocados,” said Hall.  

She said there are many delicious ways avocados can be used in a sandwich to liven it up.  AFM will be sharing those usage ideas with consumers in many different ways, including a new recipe website, point-of-sale material, social media posts, advertising and bin displays.  

She said the Fanwich promotion will build on the excitement created by the “Big Game” advertisement and Guac Fiesta promotion by encouraging retailers to continue promoting the fruit in February and March.  AFM is sponsoring a national display contest for retailers during that time in which they can win big prizes.  The goal she said is to keep Avocados From Mexico top of mind and front and center in the produce department.

Hall said the display contest will feature unique display materials, IRC coupons and more than $100,000 in display prizes.  Jeff Mauro, “The Sandwich King” and co-host of “The Kitchen,” will launch the consumer program and help drive online entries for the Fanwich contest for consumers. Fanwich will challenge consumers to create the ultimate sandwich or wrap made with fresh avocados for weekly chances to win $500 grocery gift cards and entry to win an exciting grand prize.