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RedLine Cooler provides operational efficiencies at Deardorff Family Farms

RedLine Solutions, a leader in produce traceability and inventory solutions, announced that Deardorff Family Farms has deployed RedLine Cooler in its new, state-of-the art facility to manage inventory, improve operations and increase customer satisfaction.

Deardorff’s new facility essentially doubled its operations and it quickly realized the need for more efficient tracking of product lines and inventory management.

“Fulfilling orders with handheld devices instead of pick tickets created invaluable operational efficiencies,” Scott Deardorff, vice president of Deardorff Farms, said in a press release. “Not only did it cut down on paperwork but increased accuracy for loading essentially eliminating misloads.”

Deardorff selected RedLine Cooler for its advanced produce traceability and inventory control. RedLine’s unique integration with Famous, the grower accounting system already in place, made training and implementation of the Cooler system fast and easy. RedLine Cooler’s inventory control features also provide better location tracking at a granular level so that knowing exactly where product is in their dense environment was seamless.

“Our users in the warehouse are able to load orders more efficiently and accurately than ever before, with improved product quality for our customers,” said Deardorff. “We now operate at a whole new level of efficiency that saves time and money.”

Additionally, RedLine Cooler enabled Deardorff to experience food-safety tracking capabilities giving complete visibility into the data for the entire process from QA to precooling, staging to storage.

“Deardorff has been an industry leader for decades and we’re very excited to have Deardorff as a member of our customer family,” Todd Baggett, chief executive officer of RedLine Solutions, said in the press release.  “We’re happy that they selected RedLine Cooler to maximize efficiency in their new Oxnard facilities.”

RedLine Cooler is a leading solution for managing cooler operations. This includes product location, movement, validated order picking and real-time shipping transactions. The net result is improved product rotation, fewer errors, increased workforce efficiency and faster loading of trucks.

More in-depth information about how Deardorff benefited from RedLine Solutions is available in a case study.