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T&A introduces George T's Special Colossal Romaine Heart

Tanimura & Antle introduced a new lettuce variety, George T's Special Colossal Romaine Heart, in honor of company co-founder George Tanimura, who is celebrating his 100th year in 2014.

GeorgeT.RH.ColossalCompositThis new seed variety combines two of George Tanimura's favorite lettuces — Iceberg and Romaine Hearts — and offers superior flavor, improved sustainable value and impressive per-head yield. It is packaged in a 40-pound 24-count retro-designed carton that features the original red-and-blue "T&A" label.

George T's Special Colossal Romaine Heart has been bred to be a true heart lettuce variety, requiring far fewer leaves to be trimmed at harvest, leaving less waste in the field.

Tanimura pioneered drip tape in row crop agriculture years ago, and this lettuce variety continues his dedication to sustainable farming methods. "George Tanimura is a true and tireless leader, whose contributions to the produce industry will never be matched," Mike Antle, senior vice president and partner, said in a press release.

This new lettuce seed variety has been developed to blend the finest characteristics of two popular lettuce varieties: the superior crunch and mouth appeal of Iceberg lettuce and the deep color and sweet flavor of a Romaine Heart. Each head yields seven three-ounce servings, a significant value for foodservice operators.