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Lantao opens new fruit import distribution facility

Lantao, which imports premium fruit from around the world into China, has opened its seventh fresh fruit import distribution facility in Qingdao, Shandong Province.

Jim Provost of I Love Produce LLC and John Wang, chief executive officer of Lantao, were on-hand to help kick off the celebration. Shandong is one of the top farm export provinces in China, and Provost and Wang are partners in exporting organic vegetables, ginger and garlic from Shandong to North America.

qingdao-lantao-geninssHou Min, manager of Qingdao Lantao; Jim Provost, president of I Love Produce; Lin Zhi Wei, vice president of Qingdao CPPCC Committees; John Wang, CEO of Lantao; and Liu Yin Xiang President of the Qingdao International Agricultural Products Market.“Qingdao is the port and gateway for all of the produce we ship from China to North America,” Provost said in a press release. “So, it is only fitting that we have now opened a Qingdao distribution facility that will allow us to bring premium fruit from the United Stated and the world to the people of Shandong.”

Lantao’s new office in Qingdao is located in the Qingdao International Agricultural Products Market, which has a total planned area of 1,700 acres, and a total investment of 5.6 billion Yuan (about $9 million U.S.). Phase I officially began operations Dec. 7, 2013, and by 2014 the annual volume of fresh produce has reached 500 million tons.

“Qingdao is an attractive market for us for a number of reasons,” Wang said in the release. “With nearly 100 million population, Shandong is one of China’s most populated provinces as well as one of the most affluent. In addition, as a port city, we can import fruit from North American, South America, South Africa and Australia directly to Qingdao, reducing our transit time and cost as compared to the normal channel through South China and trucking it north.”

“Having an established importer like Lantao will draw business to the market not only from Qingdao but from other areas in Shandong including the capital city, Jinan,” Liu Yin Xiang, president of the Qingdao International Agricultural Products Market, said in the press release.