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Baloian Farms continues growth momentum

As a leader in West Coast pepper production, Baloian Farms has recently completed improvements to its packing facility. The facilities were completed just in time for its local mini-sweet, baby Bell, green pepper, red pepper season, as well as all repack and value-added packing operations.Baloian-1

The plans for renovations were started in the fall of 2013, and construction commenced in early spring of this year.  Key improvements include the enclosure and cooling of approximately 42,000 square feet of the existing facility.

When asked about the renovations, the staff at Baloian noted the importance of an enclosed environment for temperature control and food safety to increase product quality and reduce the potential risk of contamination by improving the overall cleanliness of the environment. Another important purpose of the renovations was for the comfort of the employees.

“Not only do we take pride in pampering our products, we also take great pride in the way we treat our employees," Jeremy Lane, sales manager of Baloian Farms, said in a press release. "Creating a positive working environment for our employees that yields the quality we are known for is a win-win for everybody.”

Despite the completion of renovations, Baloian Farms is already planning ahead, and all plans include room for growth. The existing packinghouse sits on a piece of land that allows for additional expansions and the new enclosure also allows for the addition of expanded cold storage, as well as processing areas that could be used if Baloian Farms pursued certifications for ready-to-eat products.

“As a leader in the pepper category and a fourth generation family farm, we believe we have a responsibility to plan for the future,” Lane said in the release. “This facility keeps us on our path of growth and innovation and we’re excited about the possibilities.”

Baloian Farms is a fourth-generation, vertically integrated family farm, with year-round operations specializing in peppers and mixed vegetables grown in California and Mexico.