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Tsamma watermelon juice is new on the market

In June, Keenes, IL-based Frey Farms introduced a new, high-end bottled watermelon juice branded "Tsamma" (pronounced s-amm-a). The juice is manufactured in Lakeland, FL, 30 minutes from Frey's largest watermelon farm.

IMG 662712-ounce bottles of Tsamma watermelon juice. Hilary Martin, director of business development, told The Produce News that Tsamma is the name of a hardy melon grown in southern Africa’s Kalahari Desert, which is thought to be the ancestral mother variety of all melons.

The new beverage is 100 percent juice, has no added sugar and is made from seeded watermelons. Martin added that it is 95 percent watermelon juice, with white grape and pomegranate juice, as well as a touch of malic acid, making up the remaining 12 percent.

According to a Frey Farms press release, “Once watermelon is converted to juice the positive hydrating effects of this super food are significant."

"I looked consistently for watermelon juice,” said Sarah Frey-Talley, founder of Frey Farms and Martin’s aunt. “Since none could be found, I decided we would create our own. We continually expand our farming operations and will ensure Tsamma juice will be available every year from January to December. Frey Farms is very excited to bring Tsamma to market. It's such a natural extension of what we do best."

On Oct. 26, Frey Farms will give Tsamma to participants of the Marine Corps Marathon, held in the nation's capital. Participants will receive Tsamma watermelon juice as they cross the finish line.

"Frey Farms is one of the top watermelon shippers in the United States, providing watermelons to the country's largest retailers, including Walmart," according to the release.

Frey Farms produces 7,000 acres of watermelons and is one of the nation's largest producers of pumpkins.