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Giumarra's Meyer lemons just around the corner

Giumarra Wenatchee will again market its crop of New Zealand Meyer lemons in July. The company noted that an excellent growing season produced fruit with a well-balanced sugar-to-acid ratio.

First vessel shipments are expected to be available July 14. Giumarra Wenatchee is also taking early season air freight orders.2lb bag front

“We will have earlier air arrivals for our customers who want to promote Meyer lemons for Fourth of July,” Jason Bushong, division manager of Giumarra Wenatchee, said in a press release. “The lemon’s unique sweet yet zesty flavor makes it an excellent item to highlight for summer beverages, main courses and desserts.”

Giumarra will offer both bagged and bulk fruit. After the success of its two-pound bag offering during the 2013 season, the company will offer this size again.

“This lemon is equally popular with foodservice and retail customers. We will have a diverse sizing range this season to accommodate the needs of all of our customers,” Bushong said in the release.

The Meyer lemon season will extend through September, with product availability on both the East Coast and West Coast.

“Meyer lemons continue to be a consumer favorite across the board,” Scott Ross, Eastern region business manager for the Giumarra Cos., said in the press release. “We have a variety of merchandising materials available to help our customers promote this unique item, including in-store signage and a QR code on the packaging with a corresponding mobile website.”