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Fresh Origins debuts new brand packaging of microgreens

Fresh Origins, a greenhouse grower of microgreens and edible flowers for commercial and foodservice markets, has expanded its offerings with BrightFresh Microgreens for the retail market.

The new brand is the result of a trickledown effect created in the foodservice industry that has exposed consumers to microgreens in restaurants and has them clamoring for microgreens at retail.BrightFresh HighRes To meet this demand, Fresh Origins is debuting its Rainbow Mix and other varieties in a 1.75-ounce consumer package.

The new "BrightFresh" brand represents both the taste and environment that makes BrightFresh microgreens unique. Located near San Diego, Fresh Origins is perfectly situated in an ideal climate for producing high-quality microgreens. According to the company, this environment — with its intense natural sunlight — makes a significant difference in leaf size and stem thickness, and produces deep vibrant colors and more intense flavors, as well as longer shelf life that is unparalleled by other microgreens grown under artificial light and produced in less-than-ideal growing climates.

With almost 20 years of experience in microgreens production, Fresh Origins has a focus on quality, which has allowed it to innovate with an emphasis on sustainable growing practices and food safety.

“Making the leap to mainstream retail was an easy decision," David Sasuga, president of Fresh Origins, said in a press release. "Chefs are important consumer influencers, but the popularity of food bloggers is bringing even more attention to palate-stimulating, visually interesting foods.

"We are thrilled to be able to finally offer this product to the everyday foodie, and we know that BrightFresh microgreens will have a clear place in the market,” he said.

BrightFresh Microgreens are currently available in a 1.75-ounce clamshell packed in a six-count or 12-count case.  All packages are date coded for freshness and offer up to a 20-day shelf life.