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Cherry season off and running for Oneonta

Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers' harvest of 2014's Northwest cherries kicked off the last weekend of May, and Oneonta Marketing Director Scott Marboe said early signs point to a great season.

“The fruit is looking very nice, really clean with a good range of size," Marboe said in a press release. "Our field staff and Mother Nature have done a great job so far.”

Marboe expected that volumes should have started to pick up this past weekend, and he said this week "will be a good time to start with those early-season programs.”

Oneonta anticipates “lots of opportunity to promote until the end of August," he added in the release.

In addition to the abundant dark sweet cherries, Oneonta produces the tender, sweet light-blush Rainier, which Marboe said, "is a special cherry that needs to be picked just right; so we really make sure to harvest them at the optimum times.” The company's Rainier harvest should start in about one week.

“The cherry season is upon us and we look forward to a great summer," he said.